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Mobile LED Display Rentals Can Be An Exciting Addition To Any Event

If you’re new to LED screens (also, called LED displays, Jumbotrons, LED video walls, LED walls, etc.) you might be wondering just which type of screen is going to be best for your event, a mobile or modular LED display. When trying to determine which will best fit your event, it is important to consider a few different things:

  • Budget
  • Duration of your event
  • Will the screen need to be in several places in the same day? (this makes the answer easy)
  • Aesthetics
  • Setup time

With mobile LED video screens rentals you can move the screen during the event should you need it at another location. Setup and breakdown time are usually anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes (depending on if you’re hanging banners or not). Our technician will handle all of this, and just needs to know where you want the mobile LED wall set up, and which way you want the screen facing.

Types of Events that Use Mobile LED Video Display Rentals

Bike races, triathlons, political rallies and marketing tours are just a few of the types of events that love to use our portable LED screen rentals, as they can save time and money. Bringing modular panels to each stage, building the truss structure and screen, and tearing it down when that stage is complete can be a huge hassle. This is why portable LED display rentals have become so popular as of late.

The only downside—for some people—is the look of the trailer; some people do not find it aesthetically pleasing. Others prefer it, as it does make a rather neat package, as you don’t need a massive truss structure, ballast, and guide wires going everywhere. Also, there are plenty of opportunities for banner placements on these mobile Jumbotron rentals; this is another reason why sponsors and event planners love them! You can wrap the entire trailer with branding, as well as placing banners on the sides and top of the screen itself.

Typical Equipment We Include

Our portable Jumbotron rentals come equipped with generators, so shore power isn’t needed, but can be used if you prefer to avoid using a generator. Our generators are very quiet, as we use them at PGA events which can be very careful when it comes to noise. The generators are diesel and have a 50 gallon tank which when full lets them run for 28 continuous hours.

Inside the Control Room

Inside the control room we typically will provide a switcher which is used to switch between multiple sources such as a DVD player, laptop, or even cameras. Along with a switcher, many of our units will have a preview rack with 3 preview monitors; these monitors can give you a preview of up to three sources, so that you know what you’re switching to. DVD players and laptops are included with most units, as many times a client will give us a flash drive with preloaded content they want us to play. We can also provide a small sound system, upon request, however the events that typically rent one of these display have hundreds or thousands of people which typically require something more robust.

And Finally…

You might have noticed I used the words typically and usually quite a bit. You should always speak with your representative about the additional equipment before your event, as these items aren’t always included as sometimes we use our partners to cover events and they don’t always keep the same equipment stocked in their trailers. As you are probably guessing, mobile LED screens have become immensely popular with events in recent years, and will most likely only become more popular as time goes on, as they offer a great deal of flexibility, especially with short events or events that have multiple locations that need a screen (not simultaneously, of course).

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