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Turn-key pop-up trucks and trailers perfect for budget conscious or multi-location events.

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Virtually any size, shape or resolution available for both indoor and outdoor events.

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Types of Events That Use Our Displays



Make sure all of your attendees get to see their graduate up close!


Bike Races

Use our mobile LED displays at every stage of the race! No need for multiple screens!



Get up close shots of the band! Back row seats get a glimpse of the action!


Fairs & Festivals

Make announcements, entertain and wow your patrons with a huge LED screen!


Political Rallies

Ensure your attendees are able to view the speaker up close, even from a distance!


Sports Events

Stream a live game for your tailgaters and thank your sponsors during commercials!

LED Screen Rental in Norfolk

Norfolk LED Display Rental

LED displays can be used to service all kinds of events. These devices are especially good a t spicing up an event and making it better. They can be used to achieve different goals/purposes such as getting people’s attention or spreading information. In addition they can also improve presentations by making the more dynamic and also doubles as a great source of entertainment during an event. The LED display rentals in Norfolk are the best in quality and can help you achieve your goals as well as entertain the crowd. Our LED displays can be used in almost all venues and will allow you to stick with your venue of choice even though they might lack the necessary equipment. We also have an experienced staff that is ready and available to help you set and prepare the display at your venue. They can event standby in case any problem arises.

Norfolk LED Screen Rental

An LED screen is definitely something you should consider when hosting an event. The screens can help make you event that much better by keeping the guests happy and thrilled about the event. For example, you are hosting a business conference and you have all your committee/members in the venue. Using an LED screen will ensure that these members leave the room clearly knowing what your message and intention was. The LED screens stunning visuals will improve your presentation and make it better. Furthermore, the screen will allow the members in the venue to be able to see what you are presenting whether they are seated at the back or at the front. Our LED screen rentals in Norfolk will allow you to exercise your creativity to the maximum and make your presentations out of this world.

Norfolk Jumbotron Rentals

Word gets out nowadays and sometimes you might find your event being swarmed with more people than you previously planned for, what do you do then? No worries though, because we have Jumbotrons. These large screens were made for exactly these kinds of situations. The screens are huge and the visuals stunning, using this screen will allow your event to be the talk of the town. Our Jumbotron rentals in Norfolk offer a quick and simple rental process to cater for when situations like the one stated above happens. We also have a well experienced and trained staffs that can help you select and install the Jumbotron at your venue of choice. We also offer Richmond LED screen rentals as well as Virginia Beach LED screen rentals.

Any Event can be Serviced

Norfolk is not a place you’d like to mess with. It houses the world’s largest navy base and two NATO strategic command headquarters. The city though, is known for more things than just that it has a number of parks that make it perfect for outdoor events and also contains some major football, baseball and basketball teams which makes it perfect for sports events. The city can play hosts to many different kinds of events. These events need an LED screen to make them better and unique and good thing is we, at Visual Impact can definitely help with that.