Jumbotrons simply mean large displays. Tampa Led Screens They are used for high quality video screening on large scale for large audience see Visual Impact Productions. So because of its amazing qualities and abilities these jumbotrons have found numerous applications where they are used frequently and considered as the most important part of an event’s success. Here are some useful applications of Jumbotrons which are explained below.


Jumbotrons are frequently used in sports. Especially in games like football, cricket, baseball and many others. When we talk about the most famous game of the globe which is football, large LED screens are used for the purpose of updating the score card for the crowd as well as keeping them aware of time left in the game. Similarly in the game of cricket, they are used to keep the crowd updated about the latest score, number of overs bowled, which particular bowler is bowling and what’s the name of the batsman who is on the strike. It also used to show the information regarding run rate, balls remaining and individual scores of the batsmen.

Live matches are shown by installing these large jumbotrons at important points of different cities, for public to remain fully aware of the latest happenings and score. So these Jumbotrons also takes a feel of a festival, in which people gather at one point and enjoy watching their superstars playing in front of their eyes.


Musical concerts are incomplete without large screens. As at concerts there is a large crowd gathered to listen to their favorite singers, so not everyone gets the chance to see them closely and enjoy their performances in front of their eyes. Jumbotrons are very useful and important in making any concert a success and making sure that the audience, which has come in large number just to see the glimpse of their favorite singers don’t miss any moment and enjoy at their fullest.


Large LED screens can be used to screen full length movies for a large audience to see. Jumbotrons or large LED screens are useful, especially when you want to show your audience, a movie or a short documentary, who are gathered in large numbers and in the open air. As these large LED screens give perfect viewing experience even in the daylight.


Large screens can also be used for social events, especially where large crowd is expected. Social events like charity shows, disease awareness campaigns etc. become more effective by showing them presentations and short documentaries with the use of large LED screens. As audience remains aware of what is happening in the event and the main purpose for which that particular event is arranged/ organized.