Why Choose LED Screens For Outdoor Advertising

When it comes to advertising products and services going outdoors is certainly a great choice. Compared to print and electronic mediums outdoor advertising has a few obvious advantages and benefits. First and foremost they are less expensive when compared to news papers and TV advertisements. A twenty second advertisement spot on the television during prime time could run into thousands of dollars. In the same way a quarter page advertisement in the front page of a leading news paper could again cost thousands of dollars. Recall value is also not very high because of cluttering of dozens of advertisements especially during prime time. In view of the above situation going in for outdoor advertisement would be a great choice. They are easy to set up and have much better recall value. They stay in place for months in many cases. However outdoor advertising has to be of good quality and should be available day and night. Using the background material is also very important.

Why Choose LED

Light emitting diode (LED) is a comparatively new invention in the field of lighting and illumination. However it has grown in popularity quite rapidly because there are some advantages which are too obvious to ignore. When you choose LED lighting system for outdoor advertisements you can come out with amazing combinations of colors and illuminative ideas. This is because Jacksonville LED screens bring in sophistication and class. They are very bright and can be seen from a long distance if they are strategically placed. They are quite sturdy and can withstand the vagaries of the whether quite comfortably in Visual Impact Productions. It is possible to create the best of special effects using LED technology. It is easy to make and display because of the simplicity of this technology.

It Is Cost Effective

Another big reason why customers opt for LED outdoor advertising is because it is very cost effective. These lighting systems are at least 50 to 60% less expensive as far as power consumption is concerned. They have much longer shelf life when compared to other forms of lightning. Outdoor banners using LED lighting systems can be easily replaced and upgraded without having to spend a fortune on them.


Taking the above factors into account there are reasons to believe that outdoor marketing and publicity is An extremely cost effective method of reaching out to prospective customers. To get the best out of it using the right advertising technology is critical. Towards this objective there is no doubt that going in for LED technology would be a smart choice. It will offer the best value for money and help businesses to move from one level of success to the other. It is a technology that will define outdoor advertising in the years to come.