An LED is light emitting diode display that uses light emitting diodes as the audiovisual display Visual Impact Produtions. These days LED displays are high in demand. They are lighter, accessible, save energy, resolution is good, and contrast ratio is unmatchable. They can serve multiple purposes like advertising, retail businesses, sports, rental & events, public information in Pittsburgh Led Screens. Every application involves specific LED display panel and the same model may not be suitable for other applications. Brief discussion about the essential elements of LED display for each application is as follows.

LED signs for advertising or “digital billboards”

LED signs for advertising or “digital billboards” need to be tough, bright, and built-in to withstand any weather and temperature conditions. Pixel pitch, the type of LEDs whether SMD or DIP, the dimensions all depends on site as well as practical and financial requirements, but if you want good profit then product quality is the crucial aspect in your investment.

Retail businesses

In retail or architectural business, aspects like novelty, lightweight, clearness, flexibility. These projects are short span projects and visual impact defines them as the spots where LED displays are mounted are customarily subject to alterations and adjustments rather frequently.


In Sports, the products are used for limited hours a week.  The LED displays with hardware, software and other things, are there to entertain and to update spectators afore, during and after the game. Therefore it turns out to be the killer application. The display comprises of scoreboard, promotions, social media interaction to attract more people in the stadium or gymnasium.

Rental & events

Rental & staging events is the most precise and exceptional application. In these applications LED displays are integrated, as they are composed of small, light, portable cabinets that can be mounted and undone quickly.  It is moreover the most competitive and widespread corporate area, screens can be fitted in TV workshops, trade displays, conference studios, performances, carnivals etc.  That’s why in these businesses one needs to keep an eye on the worth of the money spent.  

Public information

Last but not the least, public information sector, works with diverse message signs mounted on highways, along with urban or suburban infrastructures, in stations, airports, control rooms. Compliance with protocols and product accreditations provides the right choice, as it is very difficult to think of products that have no reliable certifications and incapable of conveying perfect and legitible messages. 

LED displays are widespread in their uses but brief introduction of some of their common applications is given above that is going to help you in getting the right LED display for the right application. LED displays are considered multidimensional for their great variety that gives you variety of experiences.