What is the difference between LED screen and the LCD screen?

LED televisions are more in demand nowadays as these are easily available at an affordable price in the market.  This is resulting in more sales for the dealers of the Visual Impact Productions LED screen televisions. Some of the manufacturers of LED TVs are Samsung, LG, SONY, etc. It is not a surprise that LED screens are far better than the LCD and plasma screen televisions. The Miami LCD screen is an obsolete in the TV set industry. So, this creates some differences in these two types of televisions technology. Some of the differences are given below:

  • Technology

From the viewpoint of technology, an LED screen utilizes LED lights in its displays whereas the LCD screen used to utilize CCFLs. With the use of an LED technology, there is also decrease in consumption of power. It can save up to 42% of electricity through its efficiency.

  • Picture quality

The picture qualities in the LED screens are clearer than the LCD screens. At present, computers and laptops use LED displays for better-viewing quality. A person can say that LED is an upgraded version of the LCD. The reason for the superior quality of the picture in LED is its high contrast resolution.

  • Lifespan of the screen

One of the major differences between the LCD and LED screen is the lifespan of their screens. Everyone knows that with the passage of time, LCD screen mislays its brightness, clarity and also increases the blurriness in the display. However, this is not same in the case of LED screen. It offers lifelong clearness, high-quality picture and contrast in the display.

  • Weight

LED screen televisions are lighter in weight and thinner in size as compared to the LCD screen televisions. The LCD TVs are heavy and bulky in size that makes it difficult for a person to transfer it from one place to another. However, the LED TVs are lighter in weight and can be easily carried by a person.

  • Cost of the product

Since LED screen is a new concept in the television market, it is very expensive. The LCD screen is pocket-friendly for a person and does not have the higher cost as compared to LED. That is the reason, some low-income group of people still prefer to buy an LCD television in place of the LED.

  • More features

The televisions based on the LED screen technology provide more features as compared to the LCD screen. There are several advanced features available in the LED TVs like the internet, Wi-Fi, etc.

  • Gaming options

The costlier LED television sets always include some high-definition games in it to attract a particular segment of the clients. This feature is not available in the LCD screen television sets as it works on the out-dated technology.