Outdoor and Indoor LED Walls

LED walls can be used both outdoors and indoors through various different technologies such as video technology, network technology, computer technology, and photoelectric display technology etc., to display and convey messages in the form of words, texts, images, stock quotation, animation, drawing and other forms of multimedia information.

There´s no denying the fact that dynamic LED walls are an attractive option for numerous different advertisement settings. They are bright, easy to operate, and can aptly convey messages.

What makes dynamic LED walls so sought after in today´s market is its ease of use? They are easy to set-up and their modular nature means that you are blessed with numerous options to setup the LED walls for different settings and situations, enabling you to be as creative and flexible as you want. Unlike in projectors where ambient light can prove to be a major hindrance, LED walls can be displayed everywhere regardless of the settings that are beyond your control. Basically, you are not restricted with the type of venue in which you´re setting up your display.

An LED wall is also easy to maintain. If you face problems with your LED wall, all that you will need to do is to replace the module of a broken bulb with a new one or update the programming software.

LED wall rental

Although LED walls are priced rather exorbitantly in the market, especially in comparison to other alternatives, they can be rented as well. According to reliable statistics, LED wall rental is one of the fastest growing areas in the live production and event industries. And, why wouldn´t it be? After all, LED walls allow you to add personality and dimension to your event. In addition to that, the rented LEDs can also be configured and customized to meet the needs and requirements of the users.

However, you must take various factors into consideration when renting an LED wall. The available options must be flexible and the configurations should be suitable for your event. When deciding on renting an LED wall, you should primarily focus on three important components and they are pixel pitch, screen size, and screen structure. When concentrating on screen size, you need to consider the size of the location, audience, and the content. You should also know that LED walls with higher pixel pitch can only be viewed by crowds from a far distance. However, a lower pixel pitch uses more pixels to make up an image, and thus displays images and content in high resolution, optimizing viewing distance and allowing viewers to stand close to a display and still enjoy an image or content in outstanding resolution.

LED walls visually captivate audiences

LED walls can perform a stellar task of raising strong visual impact and can, thus, attract and captivate audiences easily. It also helps that they are rather dynamic, can be customized to the user´s need, and support the latest and newest content. LED walls display high-definition video, images, strong innervations and bright colors, which have very strong impact force.

In the contemporary world, LED walls are replacing projectors as the preferred choice for visual display. Why is that the case? Well, projectors gauge reflected light, whereas LED walls generate their own light. Projectors initially have to transmit light to the projection screen. And, after that, the image has to travel to the viewer´s eyes. The process causes a loss of brightness and visibility. However, as we mentioned earlier, LED walls generate their own light. Therefore, the image that is showcased is a lot more vivid and visible to the viewer´s eyes.

It also largely helps that LED Walls support HD video and images. Although projectors do have the capability of producing large image sizes, LED walls, too, can be stacked to produce a composite image that is as large as you want it to be.


If you want your event to be unforgettable, it is essential to captivate your audience´s imagination. The easiest way you can do that is by designing fun and exciting interactions. And, LED wall enables you to connect with your guests in a captivating manner and ensures that your brand message is well delivered as well. LED walls can easily grab the attention of visitors and help motivate brand awareness and social interaction.