The Fascinating World Of LED Screens

When we look at the changing face of televisions in homes we will find that Des Moines LED screens and LED televisions are becoming extremely important and very much in demand.  The basic reason why customers opt for LED TV is because of the technology that works behind it. unlike LCD technology where fluorescent lamps are used for illuminating images and pictures in the case of LED the technology used is completely different. To put in simple words each pixel in a TV screen is an LED in its own way. Hence this could be considered a breakthrough in lighting and illuminating technology. The quality of image, contrast, clarity and depth is something which has to be seen to be believed. This is perhaps the single biggest take away as far as LED technology is concerned.

A Basic Look At The Technology Involved

To understand the benefit of LED televisions it is very important to have some basic idea about this technology in Visual Impact Productions. When electric current is passed through a TV screen featuring LED technology it lights up all the light emitting diodes which are the small carriers of the electricity. These LED are pure compounds where there is fusion of electricity with atoms and the same is passed through and converted into images and pictures. Since impurities are totally removed the quality of picture is of the highest order. This is the basic technology which makes LED so very popular amongst millions of customers.

Advantages Which Are Quite Obvious

There are obviously a number of advantages which make LED one of the most sort after ways of lighting and illumination. The biggest advantage as mentioned above is high quality images and pictures. The next big advantage is cost. When we talk about cost it has to be looked at from the long term perspective. Yes it is a fact that the initial cost of buying LED TV is much higher when compared to LCD and conventional TV. But one should not be myopic and look at it from the narrow perspective of initial cost alone. They should also factor the savings in electricity which could run into thousands of dollars over a period of one to five years. On a rough estimate the savings on power bills alone could be around 40 to 50 percent.

Long Lasting And Durable

The biggest challenge with LCD screen is its vulnerability to complete and total damage. In most cases if the fluorescent lamp or the circuits get damaged repairing and replacing them would be almost as expensive as buying a new one. On the other hand LED screens can be easily repaired because it would call for replacing only a few light emitting diodes, which indeed is a big advantage.