Get the Best TV

Before you get a new TV in Visual Impact Productions, you need to know more about all the various types of TV’s that you can get. You also need to be familiar with the various new inventions and the latest jargons involved with these new TV’s. Getting a new TV can be very confusing and you need to be aware of your budget and choose a TV that will fulfill your needs as well as not overshoot your budget. In this section we will speak of the various options you have while you think of getting a new TV in Richmond Led Screens. Let’s start with the basic.

  1. CRT

The CRT or Cathode Ray Tube TV is the oldest of the kind and is obsolete in today’s market with very less crowds attracted towards it. The TV is embodied in a gigantic cover because of the cathode tube that is installed within it. The cathode tube ejects electrons that bombard the screen and emit light when they do so. This TV is old fashioned and no one prefers them mainly because of its size although the resolution is great compared to most of the TV’s.

  1. LCD

After the innovation of the CRT came the LCD screen which has a set of liquid crystal displays embedded into the screen. This screen was thinner than the CRT’s and come installed in laptops as well as in TV’s. A current passing through the screen causes light to be emitted as result it creates an image on the screen.

  1. LED

LED screens came next after LCD screens and are just an extension of the LCD technology. These LED screens are comprised of Light Emitting Diodes that get excited when a current is passed through them. The screens are highly effective both in energy consumed as well as in the resolution of the image created on the screen.

  1. Plasma TV’s

The word plasma has been associated with these set of TV’s because rather than the orthodox set of panels installed in screens, Plasma screens are embedded with a plasma material that lights up when an electric current is passed through them. These screens are one of the latest set of screens and provide you with beautiful picture resolution.

  1. OLED

The concept of OLED TV’s was inspired from LED TV’s but with a slight modification of using organic diodes rather than normal electric diodes to set up an image on the screen. This is the latest technology adopted. Due to its advanced design, OLED TV’s are thinner, flexible and faster at processing high resolution images than its competitors. The money you will pay for it is worthwhile because of the crisp images that you will see on this majestic TV.