Whenever you think of displaying or conveying your message to a large crowd in the form of a small video clip, score card, general information or even complete movie, you need something to display what you want your crowd to see and most importantly which is easily visible to everyone In Visual Impact Productions. Here comes the idea of jumbotrons as the large screens which you often see in sports grounds or place of large crowd gathering such as concerts, football match, political events etc. So these jumbotrons or giant screens are very useful in the sense they can easily be seen by everyone and you can show to your audience whatever you want them to see New Orleans Led Screens. So what are Jumbotrons and what is the technology and history behind them? Actually these Jumbotrons are also known as video LED walls as they use the technology of LED. LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. These diodes are arranged in such a way that they are millimeters apart from each other. Light emitting diodes enable us to control the brightness and designation of light coming out from each of them. In this way we can display a clear high quality of video on large screens for the large public display which is also clearly visible in the daylight.

So, these large LED large scale displays are very handy and useful for numerous applications. As these large LED displays are used in play grounds where audience gathered in large numbers just to their sports stars to play in front of their eyes. Whether it’s a game of football or cricket, large LED screens are a necessity for playgrounds. Similarly, these large jumbo screens play an important part in the success of a political event, where large audience not only can hear their favorite leader deliver his speech but can also visually see the gestures and enthusiasm of their leaders closely. LED large scale screens are also used in running the election campaigns of candidates by displaying their messages and party logos at important points of cities, to reach every voter.

LED large scale screens are also used by the advertising agencies to run advertising campaigns of different products. Different commercials are made to run on these giant screens like billboards to better promote their goods as it is an effective way to sell their goods.

LED is relatively a new technology, as previously LCD’s were used for displaying but they were conformed only for a small number of audiences as they can’t be used as large screens because of their poor video quality. Now LED’s have enabled us to develop large scale display devices without compromising the video quality. So, LED displays are the best quality display devices available.