If you’re reading this article, you’re likely considering a jumbotron rental for an event you’re managing. We get it — jumbotrons are awesome and renting them will enhance your event. That’s why in this article, we’re going to discuss some benefits of hiring a jumbotron, the environments work for a jumbotron, and some events that’ll benefit from these massive screens!

Large LED Screen Rental Benefits

As you consider a large screen rental, you should know they’re incredibly flexible in regards to how you can use them. Whether you’re going to show music videos, social media interactions, live television, or live camera feeds on them, choosing a large LED screen for your event will bring additional benefits you might not have considered. When you opt for a mobile jumbotron rental, here’s what you should expect:

  • A boost in engagement: When you have a portable jumbotron on site for an event, you’re encouraging your audience to engage with the screen from afar. Rather than forcing viewers to walk up to view the screen, it’s big enough for your message to be seen from afar. This means you’ll entertain those in attendance with ease simply by showing your incredible content on the jumbotron.
  • Facilitated communication: For anyone looking to make communication easier at an event, a jumbotron is something you’ll need. This is especially helpful when your event is outside and you opt for an outdoor jumbotron. Nature can get rather noisy, and when it comes to communicating over the noise, a jumbotron will really help rise above it all. When you bring a jumbotron to use as a method of communication, it’s possible to beat the noise and communicate effectively with your viewers.
  • Offers sponsorship opportunities: Jumbotrons can pay for themselves when you take advantage of the sponsorship spots they can provide. By selling space on a jumbotron at your event, it’s possible for the big screen rental to earn you a profit. If your event is going to have a large audience, that space becomes increasingly valuable.
  • An additional level of professionality: “Wow! They have a jumbotron!” is not an uncommon thought at events including a huge mobile LED screen rental. These screens are impressive and make the event more professional.

Environments That Allow The Use Of A Jumbotron

Jumbotrons are highly effective in various kinds of environments. Whether it’s day or night, these screens are visible. You’ll also find installation is possible indoors and outdoors. Jumbotron drapes are durable, lightweight, and don’t take long to set up. And if you need a jumbotron rental wall that’s a specific size or shape, we can make it happen!

These screens can withstand the heat and snow, ensuring your beach and winter events can have big screens in attendance as well! Regardless of what you need a big screen for, jumbotrons are generally easily adaptable to the elements.

Most Popular Events To Use A Jumbotron



Making a conference professional can be as simple as getting a jumbotron out in the open to show your message. Whether you’re teaching a group of people something or trying to build a community, a jumbotron will help you professionally relay your message.

A jumbotron is perfect for conferences because it’ll make communication easier. And when you’re discussing something with a group of people, it’s always ideal to have imagery and words to help your audience visualize what you’re saying. All in all, a jumbotron will help you deliver your message more effectively, and that’s why they’re so common in conference rooms.

Club/DJ Events

Clubs and DJ events bring a lot of people out for a night of fun, and ensuring the right imagery is displayed is always ideal. Whether there are performers in need of some background imagery or you’re looking to show off the live-feed of the craziness that’s going on in the club on a big screen, jumbotrons are always a welcomed addition to a club or DJ event.


Sports Events & Races

Every angle of a sporting event or race is difficult to see, especially when the event is taking place in a large area. Having a jumbotron reporting the entirety of the event is always beneficial to the viewers. And when the players or racers are within the viewers’ eyesight, it’s possible to use the jumbotron for advertising space as well!

Jumbotrons also help viewers see the athletes up close. The cameras are capable of zooming in, bringing high-definition images to the big screens for viewers to see. This is something viewers can appreciate as it’s a feature that makes the event even more invigorating to watch.



Concerts are notorious for having multiple jumbotrons reporting various angles of the event to the audience. Whether the cameras are scanning faces in the audience or zooming in on the performers, the jumbotrons allow the viewers to see what’s going on around them throughout the concert.

Some performers choose to display music videos or even lyrics on the jumbotrons. Regardless of what’s being shown, these large screens add to the intense atmosphere of their performances, making them incredibly popular for these events.

To Watch A Pay-Per-View Event

Pay-per-view events can get expensive, and with a jumbotron, you’ll really get an experience that might even beat attending the event. Watching these events on a gigantic screen will not only enhance the event for you but allow you to share the event with a group of people as well. Block parties to watch pay-per-view events are always a good time for the neighborhood, and it’s even possible to profit on these kinds of events when you rent a jumbotron.

Watching these events on a larger screen is always nice to do at home, but if you own a restaurant or bar, renting a jumbotron is ideal because of the patrons you can attract. Increasing food and drink sales or even profiting from a cover charge to view a pay-per-view event is not uncommon when restauranteers and bar owners rent a jumbotron to show a popular pay-per-view event.

So if you need a jumbotron at any event you plan to host, reach out to us and we’ll provide you with the extra large screen you need.