Jumbotrons-Aren’t they just the best!

You hear the word jumbo and you immediately conjure up the image of something big in your mind. Go to any modern sports facility or concert venues and experience them first hand in Visual Impact Productions. The pioneering company in the field of extra-large display screen was Sony Corporation. They first coined the term JumboTron and the name has since been associated with any large-display television even though they stopped making them. The first designs were not based on light-emitting diodes technology and that explains why they did not deliver the high-quality output that we now know them for. Cincinnati LED Screen technology has been around for quite some time now but we have majorly seen them used for small and medium devices and lighting. This technology is more efficient regarding power consumption and components made using it have a relatively longer service life. This explains why Jumbotrons are durable and almost maintenance-free.

Size Matters

When do we refer to something as big? Clearly, matters of size are so subjective that what one person considers big the other person may not hold the same opinion of it. However for a television display to be as wide as 40 metres and as high as 25 metres, I don’t think anyone can disagree that that’s big. They are not just huge in the physical sense but also when it comes to their cost; I can say without a doubt in my mind that they are quite costly. Usually, your local Sports Centre may pass down this extra cost to you, members of the audience for your enhanced entertainment. Personally, I would never mind paying an extra coin or two because I think it’s worth it.   

What makes them so popular?

Jumbotrons have become increasingly popular in recent times and have led to the phasing out of projector screens at live events. There are many reasons why people seem to like them so much but one obvious reason would be because of the high-quality output. Some studies show that the vast numbers of concert-goers and those witnessed at sporting events are attracted by the massive Jumbotrons. It is no wonder we are beginning to see sports team management guys trying to outdo one another as to who has the largest of all Jumbotrons in a bid to woo potential supporters and to keep their stadia packed. The world of technology is one of the most dynamic and we keep seeing new versions of Jumbotrons churned out into the market regularly. A lot of catching up is therefore required to keep up to date with the latest designs.  

Jumbotrons have certainly transformed the entertainment scene in ways we could never have imagined before. We will only sit back and watch as they get bigger and better.