While jumbotron rental costs vary based on a large variety of factors, you can typically rent a mobile LED screen (mobile jumbotron) for around $4,000 – $15,000 a day, depending on size, of the screen, the pixel pitch, and the distance from the vendor.

Modular LED screens (fixed jumbotrons) typically start out at a minimum of $5,000 a day and go up from there. Modular screens are the type of screens that are built onsite, and are generally more expensive for short term rentals, as there is typically significant labor cost involved.

If you would like custom pricing based on your particular situation, we recommend you give our pros a call at: (844) 568-0004 for a free estimate.

What Can Affect Jumbotron Rental Prices?

Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch refers to the space between two pixels on an LED display, and it is typically measured in millimeters. You ideally want this number to be low in order to have higher quality picture. That being said, If you want to lower your rental costs you can ask for a higher pixel pitch. Just be aware that the higher the pitch is, the further away the audience needs to be in order to get a clear view of the screen.

Screen Structure

The structure supporting your screen should be high quality regardless of if you choose a mobile or modular display. In general, mobile screens will be cheaper because they are pre-built and more portable. That being said, mobile units are also limited by the space available at the venue. Modular panels are made of tiny LED tiles that are assembled with aluminum supports at the venue. This allows modular panels to be installed in areas that mobile screens might not fit in. If you choose to rent a mobile screen, just make sure that there is enough room at the venue for installation.

Screen Size

As you might assume, smaller screens will generally cost less than larger ones. Just make sure that it is large enough for your audience to see the screen clearly. If you have over 500 viewers for example, we recommend that you go for a screen that is at least 17 feet.

Long Term Contracts

We are happy to give discounts for long term contracts because it will save time and energy for both of us. If you are worried about paying high costs, we recommend that you ask about our long term pricing to see if that would work better for you. We are able to craft custom contracts based on your needs.


It goes without saying that your costs will be a little bit lower if you can help us along the way. Volunteers can be used in all kinds of situations, but they are most commonly helpful for events that need camera operators. This will allow us to cut down on the labor costs during the event. Just keep in mind that the video quality may be reduced if you are using an inexperienced volunteer in place of our pros.


While this won’t directly reduce your rental costs, you can offset some of the rentals cost by selling jumbotron advertising. This is a common practice with the events we provide rentals for, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find advertisers.

Jumbotron Rental Cost Conclusion

While all of these are factors to consider, your event will require custom considerations based on your circumstances. We recommend call us at: (844) 568-0004 in order to get a free estimate with custom recommendations.