The King of Televisions: JumboTron

A JumboTron also known as a jumbo vision is a large sized television screen. The television was developed by Sony and it first appeared in front of the people in 1985 World Fair in Tokyo. The word JumboTron is a registered trademark belonging to the Sony Corporation, but currently, it is a common term used for larger size televisions in Phoenix Led Screens.

Diamond Vision

Even if trademark of JumboTron is with Sony but they are not the true manufacturers of a large scale video monitor. The first giant television to be created was an LED screen created in 1980 by Mitsubishi electronics and Diamond Visions. The TV was named after the company itself; Diamond Vision.

Jumbo Tron Technology

Early jumboTron used CRT or cathode ray tube technology and the JumboTron displays were actually a collection of multiple modules with each module containing, at least, sixteen small flood-beams CRTs. The total display section of 2 to 16 pixels screen produces CRT. Later on, the technology was switched to LEDs as the one used in Diamond Vision.  It was discovered that life of LED displays is much more as compared to CRT displays, so Sony also shifted their technology and started producing LED-based TVs in Visual Impact Productions.


The screen display of JumboTron is very large in physical terms, but display resolution produced by them is very low. It is therefore evident that the size of the screen becme dependant on the purpose and venue where it has to be used. During 1985 the size of display was 40×25 meters but now it has completely changed.

The resolution in new day jumbotron has also increased and now you can get JumboTron with resolution as high as 1920×1080 which displays full HDTV. SkyDome (now called Rogers Centre) in Toronto, Ontario, has the largest Jumboron in use and its specifications include 10m height and 33.5 m broad at a cost ofUS$17 million.

Presence of JumboTron in Popular Culture

  • The projector screen is used even for live events performed at wrestling promotion WWE, which has been often given the title of the “Titan Tron,”. It is the old form of WWE’s, Titan Sports, as well as the name recognition of Jumbo Tron.
  • A defunct competitor of the WWE, World Championship Wrestling (WCW), also utilizes the same screen, called “Nitro Image” subsequently the highest rated television program of “Turner Vision” Monday Nitro, and WCW’s.
  •  TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling is a current rival of the WWE, did a copy of “Dixie Tron.” He also used bigger video screen after company President Dixie Carter.
  • Most of the big stadiums and sports grounds around the world have installed a JumboTron to feature a live display for the audience present on the ground.