LCD Displays versus LED Displays

When it comes to quality and picture image resolution there is no doubt that LCD television is the obvious choice. However this was the case around 10 to 15 years back. Things have changed dramatically with the incorporation of LED technology. But in many homes LCDs   continue to be used because LED TVs are costlier. It would be interesting to draw a comparison between LCD screens and LED displays. One has to understand the basic technology which works behind LED and LCD displays in Long Beach Led Screens.

How Does A LCD Display Work

LCD uses fluorescent lamp technology to illuminate the screen. It uses a single powerful lamp which helps reproduce images and pictures. The quality of picture is quite good and compares very favorably with conventional color televisions in Visual Impact Productions. They are also long-lasting when they are compared with ordinary color televisions. They occupy much lesser space and this is a major benefit when compared with conventional televisions. They look sleek and beautiful and add sophistication to the home where they are used. Let us now try and compare how LCDs perform when they are equated with LED.

LED Technology Is A Cut Above The Rest

Though in comparison to conventional televisions LCD might be a better option, they leave a lot to be desired when they are compared with LED TV screens. First and foremost LED televisions offer much better and richer quality of images and pictures. If we place both these types of TVs side-by-side the quality of LED television will be too obvious to ignore. There is hardly any doubt that for those who are looking at stunning pictures, videos and images LED offers the best possible alternatives. The difference in quality will be very easily identifiable.

LED Makes Better Investments

Though the initial cost of LED would be substantially higher compared to LCD it has to be looked at from a complete and holistic perspective. When compared to LCDs they are much better as far as durability and longevity are concerned. They save a lot by way of power and energy costs. On a rough estimate it has been proven over and over again any LED lighting or illuminating device would help to save the customers around 40% in energy cost. So from the long-term perspective it would always better to select LED technology over LCD.

Low Cost Of Maintenance

Many customers shy away from LED televisions because of the substantially higher initial cost. In many cases LED appliances are at least 50 to 60% more expensive when compared to LCD appliances. But this has to be looked at from the background of upkeep and maintenance. If a LCD screen becomes in operational in eight out of ten cases replacing the entire screen would be the only option. However in case of LED screens replacing a few LEDs will be enough to get back the screen working again.