LED Screen Rental Cost

For anyone looking to rent an LED screen, the LED screen rental pricing is typically the most common question. The fact of the matter is that while many companies prefer to avoid listing LED screen rental pricing online, this is something that’s somewhat discouraging to consumers looking to rent an LED screen.

LED rental rates tend to vary for a variety of reasons. Whether the LED screens the consumer is looking for are limited in their availability, the event location is far out of the way, or the services requested are rather in-depth, LED screen rental pricing comes with variables that increase or drop what you’ll need to pay.

Even though so many companies refuse to post their prices on the internet, consumers have a right to know. That’s why we’re explaining LED screen rental pricing here and now. Throughout this article, you’ll learn the ins and outs of what you’re paying to rent LED screens.

Minimal LED Screen Rental Pricing: What To Expect

Some people are budget-minded, and if that’s you, you’re going to want to learn more about what the least costly options are for renting an LED screen. The fact of the matter is that LED equipment is never going to come cheap. And the labor can become rather expensive too. Between the equipment, labor, and resources to run the equipment, there’s a lot that goes into renting an LED screen.

Some times LED screen rental pricing is too costly, resulting in a need for a less expensive option. Fortunately, there are some other avenues to screen rentals that are more budget-friendly. Sometimes, it’s as easy as making the switch to rent either a standard television or a projection screen. If these options don’t tempt you, keep reading to learn how you can decrease LED screen rental pricing significantly and save some hard-earned cash.

Estimating LED Screen Rental Pricing

Without pricing for LED screen rentals being readily available on most companies’ sites, estimating the total price can be difficult. Thus, we decided to provide some insight regarding what it costs to rent an LED screen daily. As you’re estimating LED screen rental pricing, it’s ideal to understand that each LED panel usually will cost right around $150 per day. When considering LED video walls, you’ll need to remember that LED panels are usually around 2 feet by 2 feet. With this in mind, estimating the total rental cost is much easier. Estimating LED screen rental pricing is as simple as knowing the measurements of the LED screen you plan to rent.

Now that you understand how to find the cost, you likely want to know what you’re receiving for this price. While you’re getting a complete setup, knowing what we take into account when determining the price explains the cost.

LED Screen Rental Pricing Factors

While LED screen rental pricing is rather steep, the fact of the matter is that you’re receiving more than just the simple use of a screen. There’s actually a lot that goes into the pricing of LED screen rentals. The following are the factors that come into play when renting an LED screen:

Type & Resolution

Various resolutions serve a variety of functions, and with so many different kinds of LED screens available, different qualities make some LED screens more appropriate for specific applications. With this in mind, some questions must be answered in order to find the right format, pitch, and resolution you need.

Here are some questions you’ll want to consider as you’re determining what kind of LED screen you’d like to rent:

  • Who will be viewing the screen and how will these people interact with the display?
  • How far will the viewers be from the screen?
  • How do you plan to use the screen?
  • Which pixel pitch and LED type will be best for how you plan to use the screen?
  • Will you set the screen up indoors or outdoors?

Outdoor Or Indoor Use

The LED screen rental pricing is contingent on whether you plan to use the screen for indoor or outdoor utilization. With outdoor screen offering different specifications when comparing them to indoor screens, where you plan to use your screen will impact the price.

Outdoor screens are usually tougher. This is because they have to be out in the element, meaning they must be able to tolerate temperature variances, humidity, weather changes, and offer appropriate ventilation. The brightness level must be significantly higher as well, allowing the screen to be viewed during periods of bright sunlight.

When it comes to indoor applications, the specifications are not as in-depth. With this being the case, an indoor rental is generally less costly than an outdoor rental. Another issue that could come with outdoor applications is that there can be some limitations or municipal regulations on them. So it’s essential to do your research to understand whether an outdoor LED screen rental is right for you.


Installing the screens can also impact LED screen rental pricing. The physical placement of the screens can increase the price and, depending on how large the screen is, you might need a trussing system built for support. The installation cost will also depend on how many screens you need to install and how complex the install is, but the quote will reflect all of these variables.

Necessary Equipment

Ultimately, the event will call for equipment, and this can add to the pricing. Large crowds at major venues will call for more sophisticated equipment when comparing these events to needing several small screens to use at a trade show. All in all, you’ll find that the resolution, quality, size, and number of LED screens you’re renting will impact the finalized quote.

Other equipment you might need includes various pieces of peripheral equipment. This can call for cabling, playback devices, switchers, and trussing. Generally speaking, the quote you receive will include everything you need for your LED screen rental.

Labor Cost

Consider the complexity and timeframe of the installation for your pricing. As the build becomes more complex within a tighter timeframe, the labor cost rises significantly. With this being the case, the higher cost is something that’s included in your LED screen rental pricing quote.

Length Of Rental

How much time will you need the equipment? The LED screen rental cost takes the amount of time the equipment will be outside of the warehouse. This includes the time it takes to set the equipment up and take it down. If you need a set-up taken down the same day, the cost could increase because the labor might run into overtime.