Jumbotrons Bring Front Row Action

Gone are the days when the back row viewers had no option but only hear what was being said. In the modern world they can hear and see clearly the happenings on the screen. This has become possible due to recent technological inventions.

How comfortable and satisfied one gets with an electrical appliance depends on the choice they make. LED screens are some of the most appliances in use today. There has been recent technological development in screens. LED screens have been on the lead in television technology advancement. Visual Impact Productions has been leading the industry for 3+ years now.

Unlike in the past where only viewers near the screen could enjoy, today the LED screens can bring front row action to the back row seats. The big question is: How does this happens?

LED screen is simply a video display that uses light – emitting diodes. They are mostly used outdoor and thus accessible to a large number of audience. They are used in large displays such as billboards, vehicles and also as a source of light. There are two categories of LED screens namely: Conventional that uses discrete LED and surface-mounted device. Most indoor screens are based on the discrete LED. A cluster of different colors such as blue, green, red diodes are used together to form a full square color pixel. For optimum clarity, the pixels are evenly spaced apart and measured center to center

Jumbotrons and Mobile LED Screens in New York City

The LED technology has been used in Jumbotrons for more than 20 years they are also called Jumbo vision. These are large –screen television. They are illumination truck mounted LED screens suitable for outdoor applications. The Jumbotron is gigantic compared to other older screen and bright. It uses light emitting diodes to accomplish this. Unlike other CRT TV sets that use red blue, green phosphor dots for every single pixel to produce colors, the Jumbotron uses blue, red and green LED instead of phosphor. Therefore in Jumbo TV each pixel module could contain dozens of LED. These modules range from 4 mm to 4 cm. Thus the size of the Jumbo screens depends on the size of the module. The Jumbo TV is so bright hence can be watched from a distance during daylight. The front row seat viewers are not any better than the back row seat viewers.

The Mobile Led Screen is also in use all over the world. They are widely used outdoor due to their flexibility and mobility unlike indoor screens. They bring out a memorable experience by bridging the gap between the happenings and the spectators. They are able to achieve this due to various features such as high resolution, self-contained whisper quiet generator and being weather proof. Most important is that they are mobile and easy to set up quickly.

When you decide to hold an event in New York using the LED screens the back row seat viewers will think they are the front viewers. The commercial junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue in New York City billboards advertisement is a common feature. This is the reason beyond the popular gigantic Jumbotron and Mobile LED Screen use in New York City. New York Mobile LED Screen Rentals have taken over in major public events involving a large audience mostly in Time Square.