Why LED Screens Are So Popular

Technology in televisions has moved quite dramatically over the past few decades. Around 50 years back, black and white televisions were the only option. Today black and white televisions are almost obsolete and virtually non-existent. Even color television technology has moved from one level to another. Today we have televisions which come with Fresno LED screen. Prior to LED televisions we had LCD (liquid crystal display) televisions. This technology uses backlights made from fluorescent lamps. Though these were better than conventional color televisions in terms of image quality and depth, they are not as good as LED televisions in Visual Impact Productions. LED stands for light emitting diode which is a breakthrough in lighting and illuminating technology. There are some special features which make LED televisions very popular and technologically advanced.

Special Features Of LED Televisions

One of the biggest reasons for growing popularity of LED televisions is the stunning quality of pictures and colors. The contrast and depth of images are also of the best quality. They offer near natural images and the best way to know more about the quality is to experience it. The reason why LED televisions are so different in quality is because the way in which the lights are reflected. All LED screens have lighting arrangements that are kept behind the screens. In other words it is similar to the images which we see in calculators and other electronic devices.

Apart from quality pictures there are a few more reasons why televisions with LED screens are becoming so much sought after. They occupy little space and therefore are suitable for modern day homes where space is a big constraint. They can be hung from the wall. They are available in various sizes and even super-large sized televisions can be enjoyed without sacrificing valuable home space.

They Are Energy Efficient

With rising energy and fuel costs for thousands of customers, jumbotrons are becoming hugely popular in many homes. Jumbotrons are mega sized televisions which are suitable for big drawing rooms. They can be fixed on the walls and other vertical surfaces. They can be made compatible with the best of the sound systems which literally create magic all around. While LCD televisions may also provide the same effect, they are less energy efficient when compared to LED alternatives. On a rough estimate those who use LED based televisions would be able to save around 30 to 40% in power consumption cost alone. When looked at from the long term perspective they can help homes to save thousands of dollars on power bills alone.

Long Lasting And Durable

Compared to LCD, LED is a better technology where each pixel has a unique and individual display unit. Hence in case of damage to the screen only damaged LED units have to be replaced. This compares very favorably with damages to LCD screen. In most cases damaged LCD screens have to be discarded and may have to be replaced with a new screen.