Why It Makes Sense To Go In For LED Screens And Monitors

Even a few years ago, no one would have expected that LCD displays would be completely taken over by LED monitors and screens in Visual Impact Productions. However, this is a fact which we cannot afford to ignore. There are some unmistakable advantages and benefits as far as LED technology is concerned and that is the reason why thousands of users are moving towards this technology. The single biggest reason is that LCD screens and monitors use fluorescent lamps for the background lighting system. On the other hand, when it comes to LED diodes are used. Hence when it comes to quality, LED always are a few notches above LCD lamps. Further LCD could also suffer from motion blurring. This leads to a situation where the image becomes hazy and this happens when there is a powerful movement on the screen. Further LED screens have better contrast because of a higher ratio that they come with. Sacramento LED screens use green, red and blue diodes which usually blend properly in the right ratio and this in turn leads to a much better color outgo.

Shorter Life Of Fluorescent Lamps

Those who use LED monitors can also expect to have better contrast especially when dark colors are used on screen. This happens because it is able to diffuse the light of the relative diodes to make darker images look much better. On the other hand when you choose LCD monitors you are only blocking the light which comes to it and it does so by closing the pixels. In many situations the pictures could get leaked leading to deterioration of color quality and also image quality

The quality of LCD images can be noticed within five to seven years because of the weakening of the Fluorescent lamps. The display dims over a period of time. Replacing damaged Fluorescent lamps is not easy because of various reasons. Hence in many cases the customers are not left with any other option but to get the monitors replaced which could be a big drain in the pocket. To put in plain and simple words a LED screens could last up to 100,000 hours while LCD screens could at best give a life span of 10000 hours. This is a fact which cannot be ignored under any circumstances.

Lighter And Thinner

Those who have used LED monitors find them to be much thinner when compared to LCD variants. This is because the fluorescent bulbs used in LCD monitors are heavier, bulkier and occupy much larger space. Hence in today’s world where space is a major constraint, going in for LED monitors would certainly be a much better choice. Finally LED monitors and screens help save on power consumption and the savings could be to the tune of 25 to 35%.