The Marvelous Electronic Giant-Jumbotrons!

By now I think it is safe to assume that everyone is familiar with Jumbotrons or as they are sometimes called, Jumbovisions. Well, just in case you are not, let me give you just a brief description of what they are. A Jumbotron is a super huge television display. Some recent models of Visual Impact Productions are as wide as 160 feet and stand at 72 feet high. Their sheer size alone is phenomenal. Nowadays almost every modern sports stadium and arena has one of them hanging from the ceiling or mounted strategically for the audience to enjoy the view in Tulsa Led Screens. I reckon that you should see one in person in order to appreciate their size. At times one cannot help but notice sports officials like referees and linesmen taking a close look up at the massive displays whenever officiating disputes arise in the play field, a practice that more often than not, has led to quick and peaceful settlement of such disputes. Jumbotrons have surely revolutionized the sporting scene.

Technological Marvel

You do not have to be a technology enthusiast like me or too tech savvy to understand and appreciate the incredible amount of technology that went into the design and of course production of Jumbotrons. When you first hear the word jumbo, the image that pops up in your mind is that of something big. Jumbotrons are not just physically big but also in the sense of technology that makes them the enchanting beauty that they definitely are. I know I sound like this is the ultimate cutting-edge tech ever witnessed in human history but you will not get it till you know what goes on behind the huge breathtaking display panels. First made by Sony Corporation, they were not the clear high display devices that we see today in concert venues and sports stadia. With the development of LED technology in recent times, Jumbotrons are now able to deliver very high resolution video playback and display live feed of your favorite sport or stage play in high definition format.

Worth the Cost

Nowadays it is hard to talk about something without mentioning anything to do with its cost. Some models cost to the tune of 40 million US dollars, in some cases this figure is way more than the cost of the stadium in which they are used. I think this is a very modest amount given that a typical jumbotron would be durable and maintenance free and above everything else, provide the audience with an enchanting viewing experience. I know such extra costs can drive entry ticket prices up but I assure you the experience will be worth every coin you spend. Like I mentioned earlier, you will need see and experience it in person to appreciate it.