Why It Might Make Sense To Own A TV With LCD Displays

With the conventional CRT color TV technology taking a backseat and becoming almost obsolete, there is today a growing demand for LCD and LED TVs and monitors in Visual Impact Productions. While lot of talk and discussion hinges around LED TV and its benefits, there are still many customers who vouch for TV with LCD displays. Hence we will try and find out the various reasons as to why it makes sense to go in for LCD TV over Bakersfield LED Screens and of course over CRT TVs.

A Few Advantages Of LCD TV

One of the biggest advantages of LCD TV is that they are available in a number of sizes. Customers can choose from 20 inches to 70 inches and enjoy watching the TV from 2.1/2 feet to 20 feet. This perhaps is not available in other types of TVs including LED TVs. Hence as a customer you will not be short of sizes and other options should you decide to go in for LCD TVs. Further one can expect the best of pictures from various viewing angles. Even if you are not sitting directly in front of the TV you can expect the best of viewing pleasure. This is because most LCD TVs have a viewing angle of 175 degrees. The viewing angle could be impacted by the size of the TV screen which also should be kept in mind.

The Best Of Resolution

Unlike event the best of plasma and CRT TVs, it has been found that LCD TVS can offer the best of viewing resolution. They have the capability of showing the images in high definition. This is because of the number of pixels that are used on the screen. Ordinary TVS offer only a pixel resolution of 720 whereas even ordinary LCD TVs can offer display resolution of 1080 pixels. This certainly makes a big difference to the quality of pictures that one can see. Even the 720 pixel LCD TVs have stunning clarity as far as images are concerned.

Weight And Dimensions

It also would be pertinent to mention here that LCD TVs are very light and have the stingiest dimensions. This makes them suitable for being hung from the wall and in a world where room spaces are getting smaller each year, these TVs surely come as a blessing in disguise. There are many situations where LCDs are much thinner than the best of plasma TVs.

Hence when one takes all the above points into account there are reasons to believe that they offer the best value for money to customers. Though LED TVs could be a better buy, one must also take into account the initial cost involved. LCD TVs also have  a long life provided some research is done and the best models and brands are chosen.