Massive Jumbotrons For Your Next Events

The city of Los Angeles is claimed to be the undisputed entertainment capital of the world, and has long been associated with glitz and glam of cinema and big screen entertainment. Take your experience to the next level with a thrilling movie magic on LED screens. Whether you’re planning to host a private screening session or treat your guests to fantastic movie night, there are LA venues with giant LED screens to host up to 60 seats with brilliant clarity.

LED is an information medium that came about in the nineties and combines hi-tech with numerous advantages such as colorfulness, energy-saving, environment friendly and wide visual range. LED display screens are very popular in advertisement since it can achieve very high visual effects to capture the audiences’ attention.

Compared to television and newspapers, advertising with the LED display is much more cost-effective. Today, you can spot many giant LED screens for purposes of branding. The Nielsen ranks outdoor LED display screens fourth (following TV, mobile phone and computer). Unlike traditional outdoor media, it is not just purely media, but has more advantages. For example, it can meet your personalized needs using the spread concept in digital era.

LED screen rental Los Angeles have been widely utilized in numerous areas, such as stage effect, conference and exhibition, and other high-end displays. It is also gaining ground in outdoor advertisement in the traffic intersections, the bustling commercial streets and other outdoor events. The screens have revolutionized the entertainment industry by bringing vivid clarity to the led screen rentals in Los Angeles and beyond. They are widely utilized in TV screens, LED display screens in offices, banks, and on the streets to bring the front row action to the back row seats.

The world is yet to fully exploit and experience the exciting uses for LED video units, to bring your event visions to life. So whether you need to use it for work, advertising, play, or campaigning, LED will thrill your imaginations with clarity and vividness.

Jumbotron screens are massive units usually installed outdoors on the streets, parks, streets and literally anywhere you may think of having an event. The units are usually full-featured, fully enclosed, and completely weather-proof. Day or Night, Come Rain or Sunshine, the outdoor video screen displays will deliver optimum performance, vivid display and clarity.

Mobile LED Screen Rental Services

Mobile led screens in Los Angeles are important for outdoor events with high capacity attendances. There are numerous companies in LA that specializes in rental of mobile LED video services so as to get your message or event wherever you need it to be.

Visible Impact Productions mobile LED videos have helped families view graduations, church services, wedding events and other outdoor ceremonies. The cooperate sector has not been left behind since they are able to advertise at premier golf events, football matches, swimming competitions and any other event that has a good concentration of their targeted customer base. You may also treat your audiences at home to a relaxing movie in the Vineyard, as rallies get their message out at the state capitol.