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High Resolution Mobile & Modular LED Display Screen Rentals

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pointing-iconMobile LED Screens

Turn-key pop-up trucks and trailers perfect for budget conscious or multi-location events.

pointing-iconModular LED Screens

Virtually any size, shape or resolution available for both indoor and outdoor events.


Types of Events That Use Our Displays

Make your next event STANDOUT! Use only a high resolution and high quality jumbotron! Enjoy the same displays used by numerous Universities, Corporations, and Professional Sports Teams!


Make sure all of your attendees get to see their graduate up close!

Bike Races

Use our mobile LED displays at every stage of the race! No need for multiple screens!


Get up close shots of the band! Back row seats get a glimpse of the action!

Fairs & Festivals

Make announcements, entertain and wow your patrons with a huge LED screen!

Political Rallies

Ensure your attendees are able to view the speaker up close, even from a distance!

Sporting Events

Stream a live game for your tailgaters and thank your sponsors during commercials!



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LED Display Screen Rentals

We rent top-of-the-line LED displays giving you the ability to make any venue into a great huge arena. With our LED display screen rentals everyone who attends your event will get a “front row” seat. Whatever is happening on stage can be visible from every angle which will help your event participants fully enjoy their experience. Don’t limit your selection of venues by how many people can see the stage, find out how you can use our high resolution LED screens to make your event a hit.


We Provide Modular and Mobile LED Screen Rentals

Trailer LED Screen Rentals

Wall LED Screen Rentals

Outdoor LED Screen Rentals

Jumbotron Rentals

LED Screen Rental in Knoxville
When you host an event, you need to make sure that every aspect of it is covered, so that the event would be one to remember. Among the many other things, an LED display is definitely something that can make your event stand out. When venue searching, you might find the perfect one, but fill that it’s missing a bit of something. An LED display can fill that void and make you stick with your venue of choice. We, at Visual Impact, have a combination of technology and experienced staff that ensures that you get the best experience when using our LEDs. Be sure to visit our shops and have a glimpse of the LED display rentals in Knoxville that we offer.

Knoxville LED Screen Rentals

The LED screen rentals in Knoxville that we offer can help you achieve the goals that you planned when hosting the event. Events are usually held for various reasons. It could be to entertain the masses or to spread information to a group of people. Using an LED screen will definitely help you achieve your goals while also keeping your audience attentive to the event through their visually stunning displays.

Knoxville Jumbotron Rental

A city like Knoxville can make anyone distracted with all its beautiful sites that you can go see. Hosting events in the outdoors can mess up everything because the guests might place their concentration on what surrounds them and not the main event. This is why we give you the option of Jumbotron Rentals in Knoxville. These screens are large in size and by using them, you are bound to make your guests mesmerized because of the stunning visuals from the device. Plus, no matter where the guests decide to position themselves, they’ll still be able to see all that is happening because of the size of the screen. We also offer Memphis LED screen rentals and Chattanooga LED screen rentals.

Any and all events

Knoxville is the central city in the Knoxville metropolitan area. This together with other factors has made it a favorable place for major corporations to come and invest in. In addition, the city has a number of cultural and art festivals in the area such as the 17-day Dogwood arts festival that features live music, food, and display of a number of arts and crafts.

As an event organizer in this city, you’ll need an LED display or Jumbotron at your events. These LED displays could be used indoors in places of interest such as the Beck Cultural Exchange centre or the Bijou theatre. It could also be used outdoors during the festivals that happen in the area.

For instance using an LED display or Jumbotron during one of these festivals will ensure that the guests or attendees get to enjoy the live music no matter where they are located. The presence of corporations also means that there are some business conferences that happen in the area. LED screens can be used to service all kinds of events including a business meeting/conference.

You can use one of these screens to keep all the members glued to what is being presented. If you are ever in need of an LED screen always feel free to contact us. Here at Visual Impact, we are always willing to help.

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Have An Event Coming Up? We Can Help. Book Your Screen Rental.

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