Jumbotron For Your Next Show

If we are to describe a jumbotron in the simplest of terms, it is basically a large non-projection display screen that shows close up shots of the event it is being used for. Hence, if you are planning to put on a great show, it is of paramount importance for you to utilize the amazing benefits of the jumbotron.

Benefits of jumbotrons

These days, jumbotrons, also popularly referred to as modular outdoor LED screens, are used in every event across the world. Modular outdoor LED screens are built from individual sections and are hence, much more flexible than regular large screens. In addition to being used for sporting events, jumbotrons can also be used for other events such as concerts, church services, graduations, bike races, and political rallies etc.

What´s fantastic about jumbotrons is the fact that they don´t take much time to set up. They can be set up in as little as half an hour, making them an excellent choice for short events, and events on the move. A jumbotron allows the visitors and audience to enjoy every moment without missing anything due to poor visibility. It also helps that the jumbotrons are easy to customize, enabling the user to change the content in a matter of seconds. With a jumbotron around, you can be assured of optimal viewing for your audience. You will be able to display rich, colorful graphics on a large scale with the features of a jumbotron. Those present in the nose-bleed section at a production will finally get to view the entire production without missing anything.

In the past, projectors were often the preferred choice for party planners and event officials. However, the popularity of jumbotrons has swept the entire nation. And, why wouldn´t it? After all, unlike a projector, a jumbotron doesn´t require an unobstructed field of sight to be able to display the image on the screen. Of course, major companies also use the jumbotrons in the arenas to raise brand awareness through the display of advertisement and commercials.

Jumbotrons being used in sporting events

Jumbotrons are primarily used in sporting events. How do you reckon the fans stay entertained during breaks in the action? Well, they get entertained through the massive jumbotron. Nowadays, the jumbotron is a fixed fixture at sports stadiums. The fixation to install jumbotrons in sports stadiums initially started after the first appearance of a large video screen at the 1980 MLB All-Star game in Los Angeles.

Initially, the jumbotron in sports stadiums only displayed the scores. After that, it started displaying instant replay. Fast forward to current times, and you now even see people in arenas trying to incorporate social media into it. In fact, in a bid to attract fans, sports teams such as the Seattle Sounders, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Francisco Giants have recently started showcasing Instagram Stories on their jumbotrons. The stroke of sheer genius has allowed the teams to attract more fans to view their social content. Many sports teams even display sponsor logos and ads in between play, making sure that the event sponsors remain happy, in turn, allowing them to accumulate even more profits on advertisement.

Basically, jumbotrons make attending a sporting event more fun.

Jumbotron rental

Of course, purchasing a jumbotron may not fit in your budget. Luckily, it is possible for you to rent jumbotrons. LED wall / jumbotron rental is one of the fastest growing areas in the live production and event industries. These days, most of the jumbotrons available for rent are fully featured, fully enclosed, and weather-proof for both indoor and outdoor events.

However, when integrating a jumbotron into your marketing strategy, you must pay utmost attention to the content you wish to display and also update them regularly. Your clients and audience can lose interest quickly if the content isn´t diverse. You should also ensure that the jumbotron is customizable and configurable to suit your needs and requirements. When renting a jumbotron from a reputable screen rental company, you can easily have your queries answered. Like with hiring LED screens, hiring a jumbotron also requires you to focus on three important components—pixel pitch, screen size, and screen structure.

It would be foolish of you to not use the full features of a jumbotron to further expand and grow your business.