Things you need to know about LED Screens

The world of technology has brought about a number of things that we hadn’t imagined in the bygone age. From the mobile phones to internet, from the airplanes to the televisions, all the blessings of the virtue of internet. As we go to take a look in every single blessing of the technology we can only thank to it.

With the increase in technology, the demands and the expectations of the world have also increased. They remain always in the search of smaller and better things. Columbus LED Screen is the best example of all these technologies.

As we glimpse back at the history of television, a number of the new technologies have replaced the older ones. At the present day, LED Displays are the most recent and the modern form of the television screens. There is the number of the benefits of these LED Screens that highlights the reason of their popularity.

If you are also considering having a LED Displays to enhance the beauty of your house, then you have to look at the following things before buying them in Visual Impact Productions.

Things to Know about LED Screens before buying them:

Here are some important things that you should have the knowledge about the LED Screens:

  • An LED TV is not a kind of new TV: it is the common myth that often the people think that LED is the new kind of the television. It is just the flat screen that is the Light Emitting Diode. It is backlit with the light that is far brighter than the any other source of light. The LED Screens are having the brighter light so that they can be used in the outdoors as well. That is the reason they cannot be considered to be the kind of a television.
  • There are two LED Backlight configurations: the previous LED lights were having the full array of LED’s behind the LCD screen. But the modern thing that is introduced in the recent LEDs is that there are only two LED backlight configurations and the layer of full array backlight have been eliminated by the engineers in order to create even thinner screen. With this transformation, the LEDs are affixed to all the four sides of the TV. And these types of LEDs are now called as the edge- lit LED based LCD.
  • Edge- Lit TVs suffer from un-uniformity: no doubt, there is the benefit of having the thin screen of the Edge- Lit screens, but there is one drawback of these types of screens. These types of the screens suffer from the un- uniformity. These screens are not quite uniform and the outer edges of the screen appear to be dim.