What are LED Screen?

Probably I am not the only person who has had a hard time trying to understand really what an LED screen is in Visual Impact Productions. It is not my fault anyway because these technological advancements are occurring every passing day and new things are coming up. This is why some of us find it hard to keep catching up with the technological advancements, but nevertheless, I am sure after reading this then we all will be at par in as far as technology is concerned. This is a video display utilizing the Light Emitting Diodes to show motion pictures. These screens are the ones you typically see on the billboards, store signs and most recently even in public service vehicles. Nashville LED screens can also be used for just lighting instead of display.

  •    Varieties of LED Screens.

We have the conventional LED and the Surface Mounted Device LED. The conventional LED uses discrete Light Emitting Diodes. The majority of the outdoor screens are manufactured by using the discrete lighting system. In this case, red, blue and green diodes are brought together to form a pixel with full colors. The majority of the screens found indoors on the other end usually use the Surface Mounted Device technology. In this case, blue, red and green diodes are mounted onto a chipset to make a pixel for the SMD. This is then placed on the driver board.

  •    The Power Consumption of LED Screens.

LED displays are driven using two primary methods. These are the Scan Driving method and the other method called Constant Static Driving. Generally, LED screens consume a lot of power depending on the size of the screen, the type of the area it is to be used in and the amount of time it will be functional. The bigger the size of the LED screen the more the amount of power it consumes and; therefore, this must be catered for. LED screens that are in hot areas will require an air conditioning system to keep them cold and to stop them from overheating. On the other hand, LED screens in colder areas as well might need to be air-conditioned so that the components of the LED Screen do not start malfunctioning due to the excessive coldness. An LED screen that is functioning the whole week non-stop will apparently consume much power as compared to one which is used only for a given duration of time.

  •    Sizes of LED screens.

LED screens come in varying sizes and can get very small and at the same time, it is very possible to get huge LED screens that are used on billboards. The largest LED screen worldwide right now is 460 m long and is found in Fremont Street Experience. Some LED screens are also typically used for advertisement and are medium sized, normally the size of a medium truck. LED screens are produced in whatever size one would want to acquire one in.