LED Video Wall Creation

LED walls can be expertly used for improving brand awareness and conveying important messages. LED walls can perform an exceptional task of raising strong visual impact and can, thus, attract and captivate audiences easily. However, there are various factors one should take into consideration before creating video content for LED Wall. You should pay special attention to the legibility, duration, and motion of the video content. If you fail to make your content crisp, the delivery can become a liability for you and your business. If the content isn´t created thoroughly or expertly, the novelty will fade quickly. For an LED video wall creation to be successful, the content created must be professional and captivating. Content also plays a major role in determining the hardware that will be needed.

Hence, before purchasing an LED video wall, you should pay attention to the size of the LED video wall, the typical viewing distance required to view the content, and the duration of the content you wish to convey.

Without straying away from the topic any further, here are some useful tips for LED video wall creation;

  • Focus on continuous originality

If you want your LED video wall creation to be largely successful, it is of paramount importance for you to focus on the continuous originality of your content. If your advertisement is displayed on a regular basis, people will start to ignore it over time. However, if you want to keep attracting the visitors and the audience, it is imperative for you to include fresh daily content. When working on content, you should not only focus on the resolution, color contrast, legibility, pixel pitch, and duration etc., you must prioritize conveying fresh, original content continuously.

  • Make sure you use your existing branding

If you truly want to make the most of your LED video walls, you must utilize your existing branding. Why is it necessary to do this? LED video walls can play a pivotal role in driving home your brand´s message. The visual identity of your brand can do an exceptional task of communicating your overall mission, allowing you to easily set and establish the tone for your event. Hence, it is imperative for you to tie branding assets into your LED video walls. 

  • Only high definition graphics should be included

When creating content for LED video walls, you must ensure to include only high definition graphics. LED video panels are well capable of producing stunning, crisp images and videos for your audience. Therefore, you should make the most of its capability by utilizing high-quality pictures and video content. If we are to be exact, your video resolution should at least be 1080p or higher. The better the resolution, the more your audience will be mesmerized by your LED video wall.

  • Get your creative juices flowing

Most of the LED video walls panels available for purchase can be customized and configured in numerous ways. Even LED video wall rentals can perform a similar, flexible, and admirable job. Hence, you can be extremely creative with your video content. The flexible LED video walls panels can enable you to lay out the video wall in any way you prefer. If you want your content to stand out, you should ensure that your LED video wall boasts of a unique panel configuration.

However, when purchasing or renting an LED wall, you must ensure that the LED video wall is flexible and that its configurations are suitable for your event. You should also focus on three important LED video wall components–pixel pitch, screen size, and screen structure.

  • Pay attention to the placement of the speakers

So, it appears that you have put in plenty of effort in the creation of your LED video wall. However, to ensure that the video content truly captivates the audience, you must ensure that your speakers are strategically placed. If there´s too much contrast between the speakers and the graphics, especially in images and recordings, the visibility will be greatly affected. For instance, if your speakers are clad in dark clothing and are placed in front of an LED wall that largely projects white imagery, the white light emitted from the LED wall will make it difficult to see the face of the speaker.

  • Focus on dynamic content

You can easily captivate your audience by using dynamic video contact. Unlike projection screens, LED video walls are capable of displaying exceptional, high-quality images and videos. Hence, when focusing on LED video wall creation, you must ensure to include plenty of ambient motion graphics to leave your audience wanting for more!