Jumbotron is also known as Jumbovision. It is a big screen. It is used to display close up shots in Visual Impact Prodution. It is a large non-projection audiovisual pageant. It is mainly used in sports ground and music concerts for the exhibition of close up shots. Jumbotrons are usually low resolution screens but their purpose is well served with this low resolution. They play significant role in entertainment industry. They can’t be undermined for their use in stadiums only in Louisville Led Screens. They can also be used in events like parades, Sporting events, Fairs and festivals, Concerts and Movie nights.

Qin Han Tang Emporium, Xi’an, China

This big screen is the largest jumbotron of China with the large dimension of 551ft by 152.5 ft. It’s size is 32,576 square feet. It has low resolution of 16,256 x 1,792 pixels with traditional pageant. Liantronics is the company that had made it.

Marriott Marquis, Times Square, NYC

Marriot Marquis is one of the famous jumbotrons of the world with the dimension of 392.7 by 77.7 feet. It’s size is 25,610 square feet. Company that manufactured it were diamond vision and Mitsubishi electric. It is also a low resolution screen with 10mm pixel pitch.

Texas Motor Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway is another US based jumbotron with a dimension of 218 by 94.6 feet. It has a size of 20,622 square feet. It’s a high definition screen with traditional display and 20mm Hd pixel spacing. Panasonic is the proud provider of this big screen.

Harmon Corner, Las Vegas

This big jumbotron is in Las Vegas, a city of casinos. It is 306ft by 60ft. Its size is 18,360sq.ft. Its resolution is 7,360 by 1,440 pixels with traditional low resolution display. It works on the principle of surface mount diode with 12mm pixel pitch. The company that had provided this big screen is Yesco.

AT&T Stadium

It’s a big screen with known dimension of 180 by 72 feet. It is another well-known jumbotron with a known resolution of 1,088 x 2,432 pixels. The well acknowledged providers of this screen are Mitsubishi electric, Daimond vision and ANC sports.

Jumbotrons are able to show live camera feeds, still ads, social media exchanges. These are just a small number of the reasons happenings and fiestas choose Big Screens. Jumbotrons are distributed worldwide as they entertain and engage a large number of people. It is a handy communication tool which is easy to handle in big events and update results and scores in no time. They are big, they are visual and colorful, and above all they are effective. They are meant for big events and they don’t mind big coverage. They draw large number of people to the particular event and generate large profits too.