LED Video Screens For Your Business

There´s no denying the fact that LED video screens are a necessity in today´s advanced world. LED video screens can be expertly used to form an attractive feature in the staging composition of an event. LED video screens allow you to add personality and dimension to your event. LED video screens usually boast of bright, vivid displays, allowing you to capture the interest of people instantly while promoting your brand through clear messages or content. The LED video screen is a wonderful video display with tremendous picture, strong innervations and dazzling colors, which have a very strong effect drive. It attracts passersby to turn into a lead or customers.

It is also possible for you to put various different types of content on an LED video screen. You can put your content in either a static image format, video format, or motion graphics format. However, we would strongly advise you to only include content that is 1920 x 1080 HD or higher.

It helps that LED video screens can be effectively used both outdoors and indoors. Normally, the video screens are connected through various different technologies such as video technology, network technology, computer technology, and photoelectric display technology etc.

The different types of content that can be put on an LED video screen include messages and content in the form of words, texts, images, stock quotation, animation, drawing and other forms of multimedia information.

Basically, whatever you can imagine displaying on a TV screen, you can, most likely, display the same content on an LED video screen too. In addition to showcasing slideshows and pre-recorded videos, you can also display social media streams and other combinations of content. It would be foolish of you to not use the full features of an LED video screen to further expand and grow your business. 

 However, what type of content should you avoid including in your LED video screen?

You should be careful when using content for your LED video screen. When the content is in motion, you should typically avoid using content that boasts of serrated material, mesh materials, thin vector lines or shapes, and fine-drawn patterns. Sometimes, even static content that is in an HD format can produce inconsistent results when it is in motion.

Should you focus on the frame rate?

In short, you should focus on the frame rate when creating high-quality content for LED screens. If you want to ensure a smooth motion, it is necessary for you to export the content at a minimum 60fps. Macro shots of different objects in slow motion can also add a layer of depth to your overall content.

What about the color?

LED video screens largely accommodate an R, G, and B chip. Hence, if your content is largely created with the colors of red, green, and blue, you will be assured of a vibrant, high-quality end product. Hence, it is also of paramount importance for you to pay attention to the colors you want to display on your LED video screens.

LED video screen rental

Of course, we completely understand that you may not have the finances to splurge on a new LED video screen. Fortunately, it is possible for you to rent LED video screens as well. And, you can even rent LED video screens that can be customized and configured to suit your needs and requirements.

However, you must be careful when renting an LED video screen. When deciding on renting an LED video screen, it is necessary for you to concentrate on three important components–pixel pitch, screen size, and screen structure. When focusing on screen size, it is necessary for you to consider the size of the location, audience, and the content. You should also be aware that lower pixel pitch uses more pixels to make up an image, and thus, displays images and content in high resolution, optimizing viewing distance and allowing viewers to stand close to a display and still enjoy an image or content in outstanding resolution.

When integrating an LED video screen into your marketing strategy, it is imperative for you to pay utmost attention to the content you wish to display and also update them regularly.