Various Advantages Of LED Screens

When we buy computers, laptops, smart phones or televisions we have to always buy screens or monitors to make proper use of the appliances and devices. When we buy screens we basically have to choose between LCD and LED screens. We will try and find out the various advantages associated with LED lighting systems. We will be restricting only to LED systems because of their popularity and demand in Visual Impact Productions.

Some Main Advantages

Newark LED screens are enormously energy efficient they are capable of giving a output of 135 lumens per each watt. This is very high when compared to conventional systems by incandescent and fluorescent lamps. The next big advantage is that they have a much longer life span. If they are properly engineered, you can expect at least twenty thousand hours of uninterrupted viewing. Further LED screens are also referred to as solid state lighting systems this is because they are very rugged and tough. They are generally made from high quality diodes without any tube or filament. They can get started immediately unlike other lighting and imaging system which needs some time to get warmed up. They are perfectly suitable for extremely cold temperatures because the rely on diodes rather than filaments or tubes.

A Few More Advantages  

When you choose LED screens over LCD you will get much better color rendering. That is the main reason why it is chosen as a suitable alternative for TVs. The quality of color, picture and image is of the highest standards. It also offers better control as far as color and brightness is concerned. They burn out gradually instead of suddenly becoming dead. This makes it possible to have much better control over the monitor or screen and take preventive action whenever needed.

They do not need specialized circuit boards and boards which are used in conventional televisions and computers can be used for giving the best images and pictures. They are build totally from solid state components and therefore do not get damaged because of external shock which is a big problem with fluorescent lamps and also incandescent lamps. Since they are free from mercury and sodium, they do not cost any damage to the environment which is a common problem with other conventional televisions and computer monitors.

A Few Disadvantages

Though LED screens are the most commonly used for TVs and computers there are some disadvantages though minor in nature. The cost of acquiring a new LED TV is almost double of conventional TV or LCD TV. Therefore it continuous to remain out of reach for a large of the population. It also would be pertinent to mention that they are not water proof and when export to moist condition they could get damage beyond repair.