In what way to Clean LCD Screen

LCD screens are now usually found in the laptops, televisions, iPods, etc. If a person looks in his room, then he can easily found 4-5 things that have LCD screen in it. However, people are not aware of the problems that are linked to the LCD screen. After a passage of time, the dust or the dirt gathers over the screen in large quantity. This ruins the enjoyment of using LCD screen enabled products of Visual Impact Productions.

It is very common that if a person found any kind of dust over the LCD screen, then he/she immediately starts cleaning it up with a paper or a cloth with some sprinkled water. This is one of the biggest mistakes that a person do as it can easily damage the screen of the LCD.

The Denver LCD screen is very delicate screen as compared to the ordinary screens. People treat it like an ordinary glass, but LCD screen is constituted of a soft film that can easily get spoiled with a rough paper or a piece of cloth. Even while sprinkling water on the screen, the LED can be damaged due to the presence of various chemicals like chlorine in the water. So, these screens need to be handled with proper care.  

At the time of cleaning the screen, a little caution must be followed. If a person possesses a perfect knowledge of cleaning task then it will save him from any type of distress and frustration.

Tips and guide for cleaning the LCD Screen

There are some tips that need to be followed by the person at the time of cleaning the screen of LCD. Some of them are as follows:

  • The experts in this field recommend using a cleaning solution made up of equal quantities of purified water and isopropyl. An isopropyl is an alcohol liquid that is used for the rubbing off screens. A soft piece of cloth like an old cotton shirt or towel should be used. A person should avoid using any paper hand towels or regular cloth pieces that might damage the delicate surface of the LCD.
  • Before starting the procedure of cleaning, the LCD screen must be shut down. Always check the areas of the screen that requires cleaning. A person must never put the cleaning solution straight to the screen. In fact, a piece of cloth must be used firstly to put it into the solution and then this cloth must be applied very gently over the LCD screen. The cleaning of LCD should be done in circular motion.
  • A booklet of instruction is always provided along with the LCD screen product like with Laptops, televisions, etc. Sometimes, it is mentioneed in the booklet by the manufacturer that what type of cleaning technique can be used.