When it comes to the world of big televisions, nothing compares to the massive Jumbotrons which are a product of the Japanese very famous electronic products manufacturing Company, Sony. The Jumbotrons are usually used in Sports and large entertainments where many people attend to watch from a large screen in Visual Impact Productions. These massive screens are used to show close-up motion pictures of the events as they occur. These screens are usually so huge and perform to their best as they have been used by very many people who hold live concerts as a music concert or even a live event like Wresting Entertainment or any other live sport in Manhattan Led Screens. The word Jumbotron actually at first only meant the large screens manufactured by Sony, but nowadays any huge screen is called a Jumbotron.

  •    The design of the Jumbotrons.

This is one of the biggest non-projection motion image displays in History worldwide to be ever manufactured. This massive screen used a very significant technology so that it could come into existence. Each display was made up of close to 16 flood beam Cathode Ray Tubes each having around 15 pixels having blue, red and green phosphors. Nowadays though such large screens use the Technology of Light Emitting Diodes to produce such large screen as Jumbotrons. All credits go to Yasuo Kuroki, who made sure that Jumbotrons came into existence. The new Jumbotrons use the LED system with gives images with higher resolutions and last longer as well.

  •    Geographical locations where Jumbotrons are used.

Due to the gigantic sizes of such screens, they are used mostly in gaming events where they are installed in big stadiums so that those who turn up for the events can watch live what is happening on the field. Those big screens are mostly used in the United States of America and Canada. The largest Jumbotron in existence was used in Skydome, Toronto Canada and had huge dimensions measuring 110 feet wide and 33 feet tall. Due to the massive size of this Jumbotron, its cost was about $17 million back then, but this has reduced to around $3 million recently.

  •    Jumbotrons in our 21st Century life.

In the 21st century era that we live in, Jumbotrons have become a part and parcel of our lives. Jumbotrons are almost everywhere and are used for very many purposes that range from entertainments, advertisements to business opportunities for very many people. I am sure we all have heard of the great World Wrestling Entertainment where Jumbotrons are used to show their live events. The bitter rivals to WWE, “World Championship Wrestling” use the same and even the young “Total Nonstop Action Wrestling” uses the same technology. There are also huge trucks nowadays that have a Jumbotron at the sides and back where it is used to pass on some advertisement messages as the truck drives along.

Jumbotrons have become crucial in our lives and as the technology keep improving then better and better screens are being produced. A time shall come when Jumbotrons will be found almost everywhere, and people will be using them for nearly every reason possible. Jumbotrons are here to stay!